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Calvin Walker was born in Liverpool England and migrated to Australia with his family. Cal grew up on a farm in outback Queensland and since 6 or 7 years of age he wanted to be an entertainer.

Calvin Walker is a naturally gifted vocalist musician and actor. His 'Roy Orbison ' is spine tingling, his 'Elvis ' is captivating.

Cal graduated from the Lionel Long School of Drama in the 1990s and has performed in Corporate Videos and production shows. He has performed live on stage as the manipulative William Desmond Taylor in the Mack and Mabel production at the Laycock Theatre and in the Movie Grievous Bodily Harm. The list is endless, except to say Cal Walker is one of the most versatile performers around.

During his early years in the music industry Calvin and his band worked the pubs and clubs in Sydney performing his own original material plus covers from Sam Cooke to Led Zeppelin.

Calvin's musical career took him to the UK where he performed with his own band touring UK and Europe. He also played with 'The Legends' and 'Ginger Baker' from the legendary 'Cream'

Calvin travelled extensively round the world in the 1980s and 90s.

Calvin Walker returned to Australia in the late 1990's. Upon his return Cal was invited by Eddie Youngblood to perform a tribute to 'Roy Orbison' in the award winning variety show "Idolz in Concert'.

Calvin Walker was the very first 'Roy' to perform with 'Idolz in Concert' and did so to standing ovations at Twin Towns, Seals Club, South Sydney Juniors (5 times) and the Catholic Club to name a few.

Calvin Walker then headed back overseas to fulfil music commitments. Upon his return he again headlined a 'Tribute to Roy Oribison', with the well know recording and performing band the 'TeeJays'.

Cal also headlined as 'Roy' in the 'The Only The Lonely Show' a Mansfield Robbins Production promoted by A-List Entertainment.

Cal now headlines as ‘Roy” in the “Roy Orbison - Black & White Night Revisited Show” + Friends & the King Creole Show Band. Some Musician friends previously performing in this show include the Fabulous Tee Jays.

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